Student Body Right, Student Body Wrong  

Posted by Walter

I was right about Ohio State's defense. Northern Illinois and Garrette Wolfe ran rough shod all over the young and inexperienced Buckeye defense. OSU could be in big trouble against Texas.

I was wrong about the rest of Ohio State. Northern Illinois had absolutely no shot to win that game. The Buckeye offense looked great and Smith and Ginn finally appear to be fulfilling their promise in a consistent manner.

I was right about the Miami defense. They were the better defense on the field last night and made a very talented Seminole offense look pedestrian.

I was wrong about the FSU defense. I stated that Miami was America's best defense (they are) and that it wasn't close (it is). FSU won the game last night because their defense completely shut down any semblance of an offense Miami had. Miami still has the best defense, but Buster Davis and the Seminoles are close.

I was right about Auburn. They totally dominated a Washington State team that will win more than they lose this season. The Tigers are going to be nearly impossible to beat at home.

I was wrong about Arkansas. They are young and talented, but just not ready to compete with the likes of the nation's elite just yet. It wouldn't have mattered if McFadden had been 100% or if Mustain had gotten into the game earlier.

I was right about Notre Dame. They looked eminently beatable and could not come close to stopping Calvin Johnson. That said, they won a tough road game against an experienced ACC team.

The jury is still out on Tennessee. I was wrong about California, they looked terrible and Nate Longshore does not appear to be the answer at QB. However, time will tell whether Tennessee is really good or whether Cal just stinks. I think it might be some of both. Tennessee can't be as good as they played, and Cal can't be as bad as they looked. Erik Ainge was great, but I am not ready to jump on his bandwagon just yet. His 11-19 looked nice but his stats were incredibly inflated by two long runs after a short pass (thanks to some abysmal Cal tackling).


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