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Posted by Frazier

Ok, I need to pick these weeks games so I don't have to post a whole "Student Body" column about my points from the preview. I was making an argument, not picking winners. Here's how I really think it will play out (and now I get to be wrong about the scores too, dammit).

Notre Dame -7.5 vs. Michigan

I'm not betting against these guys for awhile, especially at home, especially when the Michigan Wolver-choke-artists are in town. Notre Dame has a fast start for the first time this year and never looks back. Notre Dame 34-20.

Miami +6 at Louisville

I am not impressed with Miami, don't get me wrong. And maybe this IS the year the Cardinals break through. But, I doubt it. Miami escapes 24-20.

Oklahoma +3.5 at Oregon

They won the bowl game last year, and I don't see any reason this year is different. Adrian Peterson runs wild. Oklahoma 31-27.

Florida St. -5 vs. Clemson

Only one Bowden in this contest is worth a damn, and it ain't Tommy and it ain't Jeff. Pops has saved Tommy's job before, but not this time. 'Noles 21-10.

Nebraska +18.5 at USC

USC wins the game handily, but since Nebraska can pass the ball now, they can close any gap with garbage touchdowns. I like the big man's predicted final, we'll tweak it, 38-24.

Auburn -2.5 vs. LSU

Jamarcus Russel worries me. I think he makes the big mistakes in the big game, with the intensity level just too much for him. Another disappointing game, 24-13.

Florida -4 at Tennessee

The Gators are favored on the road for a reason. Injuries are too much for the Vols, Ainge reverts to form, and the Gator D finally gets some love. Florida 27-17.


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