Quick Picks: Saturday Edition  

Posted by Frazier

Ok, so that didn't go well. TCU sabotaged their season, and while Auburn led 24-10, and looked poised to pull away, S. Carolina stepped up and took them to the final seconds. The Gamecocks are going to think about that dropped touchdown pass for the rest of the year, and lament what could have been. So what do I think is going to happen Saturday? Well, I'm not entirely sure why you'd trust me at this point, but I'm feeling pretty good about this bunch.

Rutgers -3.5 AT South Florida

Ok, so this one is a Friday game. Sue me. This was the other team I had thought of for my underrated selections at the beginning of the year, and I really love what they have done. I think they're still hungry, and that the running attack will be potent again this weekend. Let's call it 35-27.

Boise St. + 4 AT Utah

I'm not getting off the Broncos bandwagon anytime soon. Especially after the way they obliterated Oregon St. It's actually their defense which has most impressed me. Also, they are running incredibly well now, which is necessary in hostile environments. They win outright 34-30.

Oregon -1 AT Arizona St.

I love this line. The Sun Devils got embarrassed last weekend, and Oregon really has something to prove the way they have been disrespected for a win over a top 15 team. People seem to forget that Oregon has a ton of talent offensively, and just enough defense to hold on to win. Of course it will be a wild and wacky PAC-10 game, but the Ducks have just enough to hang on, 41-38.

Florida -13 vs. Alabama

Alabama is going to struggle to score, and Chris Leak has been efficient in running the offense. I think there is still a hangover from the bad Arkansas loss, and this team is prone to shooting itself in the foot. Saturday is no different as the Gators roll, 31-13.

Georgia Tech +11 AT Virginia Tech

I hate the Hokies, so this line makes me especially gleeful. It's simply ludicrous. Virginia Tech hasn't even played anyone, and the Yellow Jackets went toe-to-toe with the excellent Notre Dame offense for 4 quarters. This line is simply too high. Calvin Johnson is probably worth a touchdown by himself, and this team still has a bitter taste in its' mouth from last years embarrassing loss. They cover easily, but Virginia Tech pulls away, 27-23.

Washington St. +14 vs. USC

I should really avoid this game, since I can't figure the Trojans out. I just feel like Washington St. is going to score enough this week to cover. The Trojans kept Nebraska and Arizona close, despite dominating the games, and this week is no different. Another Trojan victory, with the Cougars covering, 27-17.

Michigan -4.5 AT Minnesota

Gotta love the line. Michigan's defense is holding opposing teams to less than 20 yards a game on the ground. Um, yeah, that will equal a win pretty much every time, even though the Gophers are a lock to eclipse that number, but not by enough. The Wolverines gave up their grip on the Little Brown Jug last year for the first time since 1986. It's coming back to Ann Arbor. Michigan takes care of business, 27-14.

Ohio St. - 5 AT Iowa

I love Ferentz, and Iowa will have a chance to win this. It will be another close game, but Ohio St. is playing very well on both sides of the ball, and have stepped up and made they plays when they needed to make them. Drew Tate will lead an offense that won't make any big mistakes, but won't be able to make the plays when they count. Simply not enough fire power, and the clock runs out on the Hawkeyes chances. Iowa is forced to settle for multiple field goals after long drives, due to a lack of explosiveness to get them in the endzone. They simply run out of time in their upset bid, and Ohio St. hangs on, 24-16.

Thursday: 0-2
Season: 3-6


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