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Posted by Frazier

Wait, did the big man fail to mention that Northern Illinois got beat by Ohio? No, not the Buckeyes, the Bobcats. Now, I actually like Ohio. Frank Solich gives that team a chance week-in and week-out, so I'm not terribly surprised. I can't forget when he badly outcoached Wanny last year, and handed Pitt a particularly embarrassing loss. Anyways, I just wasn't going to allow my esteemed co-blogger to ignore the plight of the leader of his "Five Up" teams, especially since I've certainly had a large helping of crow this week. However, let's not take anything away from Garrett Wolfe, who had 196 yards in that effort, and 367 yards in just two games, with a sterling 7.3yds/rush. Still, an 0-2 start in a solid MAC will be a big obstacle to overcome for the Huskies.


Frazier you are absolutely right. The loss to a solid Ohio team is a terrible one. Garette Wolfe has been everything I expected but the team has been less than stellar. Here's to hoping they turn it around in time to ruin Iowa's season and win the MAC.

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