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This is the time of the week where I bestow the kiss of death on some poor, unsuspecting team. Last week I waxed philosophical, played the disrespect card, and generally got on my knees for Penn State. Of course they imploded after a solid start, and got blown out by Notre Dame. This week I wanted to send some credit towards Rutgers, who was a finalist for my "Five Up" post a couple of weeks back. My reasoning was that the lack of depth in the Big East would allow a second-tier team to have a startlingly good record with the potential to only lose to WVU and Louisville. The team I ultimately chose was UConn, since they have been solidly improving that program for years now, have more experience, and because Rutgers has such a tradition of ineptitude. Oh, and it's in Jersey.

Anyways, although UConn blew out URI in their only game this year, Rutgers' 33-0 whipping of Illinois has been making me second guess myself. Especially considering Rutgers won AT North Carolina, which is a solid win against an ACC foe on the road. The showdown between these two "could be's" is slated for October 29, and the winner should have a shot at a fairly prestigious bowl, and a legitimate shot at a 10-win season.

Oh, and Pittsburgh was not eligible for this discussion because their coach is a moron, at any level of the game. He was a terrible pro coach, is a terrible college coach, and would be a terrible high school coach to boot. He'd probably make a terrible garbage man. Although he might make a good porn star. He already has the moustache.


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