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Posted by Frazier

Just wanted to take a moment to comment on Boise St. I chose them as one of my "five up" teams, and they were certainly worthy of that position in an utter domination of Oregon St. last night. The Beavers aren't a great team, but they beat the Broncos last year, and were a win shy of making a bowl from the PAC 10 last year, so it's not like they are a bunch of chumps. Boise St. ran roughshod over them, with 300 yards on the ground, including a 22 carry, 240 yard performance from Ian Johnson. It's always fun watching a white kid playing in Idaho race passed defensive backs from a BCS conference team.

Zabransky was efficient as a passer, 8-13 for 105 yards and a touchdown without giving the ball up. After falling behind 14-0 early, Boise St. simply took over and scored 42 unanswered points. They also only gave up one offensive touchdown (the other was a punt return) and created 3 turnovers. Simply a dominating game from the kids from Idaho, which gave me a warm, tingly feeling all over.


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