Top Ten What?  

Posted by Frazier

I will be creating my own top ten at some point, and we'll keep a weekly top ten or fifteen (25 is kind of irrelevant, we need to talk about contenders, not about teams in the CarQuest Bowl). But first I have to respond to the big man's list.

You've got to respect taking a new approach to the whole thing, and the focus on schedules is quite innovative. But it's not so much as a "Top Ten" as a gambling device. It's like creating odds on who has the best chance to win the title. What you're really telling us is that Auburn's odds are probably pretty good, since they are more likely to be playing for a title. Not that they are necessarily the best team. Also, even if Auburn made the title game, they'd eventually have to beat another excellent team, so you're not necessarily predicting the Champion, but more closely prognosticating the BCS standings leading into the bowls.

It's an interesting exercise, and definitely worthwhile, but it's not really about the Top Ten teams in the country.


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