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Posted by Frazier

The whole Bomar situation has been a little odd, and normally the 323 likes to focus on the positives of college football, but it's kind of hard when one of the key pieces of a top ten basically sabotages their season. Look, he's a young man, he made a mistake. He didn't kill anyone. It sucks, but it happens. Now he seems intent on compounding that mistake by transferring to Sam Houston St. a move that makes ZERO sense. If his concern is playing football at the next level, he'd do well to do what Keller did, transfer to a program with a senior quarterback and a passing system, sit out a year, get a head start on next years competition, and return with three full years of eligibility. You can't tell me there aren't a couple of excellent programs who wouldn't be willing to take a shot on someone with his credentials.

Or he could try to be like Jordan Palmer, and make a name at a lesser school with an excellent coach. I've got a feeling Mike Price or George O'Leary would be understanding of making a stupid mistake, and offer a second chance.

Finally, if Bomar has decided that this situation may have ruined his professional career, and just wants to play and study, then Sam Houston St. still doesn't make much sense. I am sure there are plenty of excellent universities, at the 1-A and 1-AA level who would have given the kid a shot to play, and get a first-rate education to boot. Now he's behaving like the valedictorian who decides to go to the local community college to be near his girlfriend. Kid, you're going to get a second chance, take it.


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