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Posted by Frazier

"Quick Hitches" is a forum for us to put up some quick ideas that don't necessarily demand in-depth analysis. It's sort of a place to put things we've been thinking about. They might be interesting, they might deserve further discussion, or they might be totally worthless. Here's my first quick hitch:

I've heard people floating this "Rich Rodriguez to FSU as Bowden's successor" theory. I simply don't buy it. I think it is WVU paranoia, since it's the same trip Bowden himself made years ago. Rodriguez was born and raised in West Virginia, graduated from WVU, and even coached small college in the state. This is his dream job, and I think he'd prefer to pull a Bowden, and be the big fish in the Big East (like FSU was in the ACC) and play for national championships that way. I'd be kind of surprised if a Bowden didn't follow Bowden, or at least someone with a direct connection to the big man at FSU.


Interesting stuff, Frazier. The successor to the Bowden throne at FSU is an interesting debate. I thought the logical successor was Mark Richt, but Georgis wisely locked him up to a contract with a HUGE buyout, basically guaranteeing that he stays in Athens for the foreseeable future. I disagree that it will be a Bowden succeeding Bobby though. Neither Tommy (Clemson) nor Jeff (FSU O-Coordinator) are exceptional coaches. In fact Jeff has beel much maligned in Tallahasee for the past few years. Terry would be a great, yet gutsy, choice and I don't think FSU has the cajones to pull the trigger on that one. Another overall point is that since nobody will ever approximate what Bobby Bowden has done at FSU, the school may wish to distance itself from the Bowden name. I think some logical candidates include:

Mickey Andrews - FSU D-Coordinator (he'll be the token in house candidate, although he would be a deserving choice)

Rodriguez - WVU Head Coach

Bobby Petrino - Louisville Head Coach

Bob Stoops - Oklahoma Head Coach (remember he has Florida connections)

And some darkhorses for the job:

Butch Davis - former Miami head coach (FSU would be getting a tremendous head coach, and could stick it to Miami all in one fell swoop....in fact I think that has to make him the favorite)

Steve Kragthorpe - Tulsa Head Coach

Steve Spurrier - South Carolina Head Coach (imagine what he'd do at FSU)

Bowden will have a huge say in his successor, he's earned it. So he might choose one of his boys. Terry would clearly be the best, but isn't interested. He has a HUGE ABC contract to do virtually nothing, and he's been happy there. It will definitely be pretty much impossible to replace him, or fellow septugenarian Paterno.

Good point in that Bobby will have a say in who succeeds him, but that could be viewed as even more reason that he wouldn't choose one of his sons (and put them in such an unenviable no-win situation). However, Bobby's influence would certainly bode well for Mickey Andrews and might even be enough to get FSU to pony up enough money to pry Richt away from Georgia (although that still seems incredibly unlikely). In my eyes the smart money has to be on Butch Davis or Bob Stoops.

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