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Posted by Frazier

Not so "quick" a hitch there, pal. A couple of thoughts.

-I love Leach's offensive schemes, but he's a long way from being a Stadium. IF he does bring some real success, then we can discuss him. But so far, there is nothing to say he'll even be there in three years.

-Would Weiss Field be the new name of Willingham Stadium? I think that anyone who brought ND back to the level they are used to, and stayed there for a long time, would have a chance at this. However, it's way to early to see if Weiss is that guy. He had one good year, didn't really beat anybody, and recruited well. He has a chance, but so far he's pretty much had the same success as Willingham. (Ty started 8-0, played a national power, FSU instead of USC, lost a close one, had a nice year, and got tons of hype for recruiting. Only Ty got love a D specialist, instead of the O). Now, I think Weiss will be much better than Ty, and possibly a great coach, but I'm going to need to see a little more before I start naming stadiums.

-Big Ten teams expect longetivity. If Tressel puts in another 15-20 years, he might make it.

-I think Rodriguez has the best shot of the bunch, and I know it's early for him too, but here's my argument. WVU has had one other great coach, Bowden, and it's not like they are naming the stadium for him. They already dislike the "official" stadium name, and call it Mountaineer Field to begin with. Rodriguez is a WV guy, born and bred. He is happy there, and I think will stick around because he wants to make his alma mater a national power for years to come. If he does, the Mountaineers will find themselves inviting teams for some moonshine and an ass-kicking at Rodriguez Stadium.


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