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Posted by Frazier

So far we've done QB's, TE's and RB's for our Position University series. Unfortunately, we've also come to the same result pretty much every time. This was definitely not the point. Maybe our criteria was too narrow (professional success over the past 20 years) but it seemed to make the most sense. We wanted to talk about guys who played in our lifetime so as to not rely on stats and histories too often. We also wanted to use professional success since that is the pinnacle of the sport (to play, not to watch, since everyone knows college football is infinitely more interesting, inventive, and exciting than the NFL). Anyways, we are determined to complete the discussion, and we're not changing the guidelines. We will continue to do independent research, and not discuss the topic prior to posting our conclusions. Hopefully we'll begin to generate more discussion and debate as the focus shifts towards the defense.


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